What is the city of Leicester doing to help prevent flooding?

What is the city of Leicester doing to help prevent flooding?

Find out about Leicester's Flood Risk Action Plan

What is the Strategy?

Leicester City Council has been working with partners to produce an action plan for addressing flood risk in Leicester. This plan is called the 'Leicester Integrated Flood Risk Management Strategy' and it outlines potential solutions for flood risk management in Leicester.


The city is split into several catchments based on the rivers which flow through it: The names of these rivers are listed below. 

  • River Soar
  • Willow Brook
  • Braunstone Brook
  • Saffron Brook
  • Melton Brook


For each of these catchments, high level measures were identified.


Who is involved?
  • Environment Agency

  • Leicester City Council


What stage is the Strategy at?

Public consultation for Leicester's Flood Risk Action Plan closed on the 12th November 2017.


However, you can still view the consultation here.




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Although the consultation has now closed, you can still provide your views and feedback using the comments section below.

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    I was not aware my home was in flood zone 2!

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