Leicester Flood Memories - share your stories!

Leicester Flood Memories - share your stories!

You may not think that Leicester gets major flooding, however the city has been affected by flooding past! And we know many of you can have some memories of it. Leicester City Council and the POWER project held an exhibition at Newarke Houses Museum on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th of July showcasing memories and photographs of flooding in Leicester. And another event is planned for the future!

Don’t miss the chance to tell your story!

You can participate too! We would love to hear your stories or see any photograph that you have of the flooding history of our city. To participate add your stories or your photo as a picture at the end of this page (you’ll need to register, but it is very quick and easy and we will protect your data).


Above photograph kindly sumbitted by Mr and Mrs Benskin.



Saffron Brook, Hughenden Drive, 1968


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Leicester's Flood History

You may not think that Leicester gets major flooding, however the city has been affected by flooding past!


The image below is taken at the Great Central Way bridge over Braunstone Lane East.

The last major flooding to affect Leicester was in July 1968, affecting up to 1,800 properties. Smaller flood events occured in June 1993 and the summer of 2012, affecting localised regions within the city.

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Flood Improvements since the 1960s

Following the flooding that was experienced in the late 1960s, a series of improvement works were carried out on the rivers and brooks in Leicester.


This majority of this work involved constructing reinforced concrete channels along much of the brooks lenghts, and also providing storm water detention areas which are used to store excess water during heavy rainfall events. You can see the process of constructing the concrete channel in the pictures below.



Do you remember the work that was carried out? Let us know in the comments below.


Further flood alleviation work has been carried out more recently, such as the award-winning Ellis Meadows flood storage and wetland area.



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Share your flood photos and memories!

Do you remember the flooding in 1968? Have you got any stories or photographs you can share? Have you got photographs or memories of other floods in the city?


An exhibition was held at Newarke Houses Musuem in Leicester on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th of July and details of the photograph competition will be announced soon. A further event is being planned later on this year - follow this page to keep up to date! 


To share you memories simply create an account on this website (it’s quick, easy and we safely protect your data). Add a comment to the end of this page and simply click on post to see your story going live! You can also attach an image of your memory! If you only have an hard copy of the photo, please take a picture and attach it in the comment. If your picture will be selected we will ask you to send the original!


You can also send your entries to: flooding@leicester.gov.uk

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